Caramel Syrup for Coffee

Many people dislike classic coffee because it seems too bitter for them. To satisfy the needs of such sophisticated visitors, restaurant and coffee shop workers suggest adding various sweeteners in the form of syrups to the drink. And one of the more common options found in every coffee shop is caramel-flavored syrups.

How to use
Caramel syrup

Syrups are versatile sweet additives that have proven themselves in many areas of culinary. Sometimes they are used to decorate desserts or baked goods, add to fruit salads, make cocktails and soft drinks based on them. When it comes to coffee, caramel syrup is a classic addition for the following drinks:
raff coffee;
latte makeup;

It is best to combine caramel syrup with drinks that contain milk. Caramel has a pronounced creamy taste, which, thanks to milk, will only open up more and enrich the coffee taste with new exquisite notes. However, no one forbids you to add such syrup to espresso or Americano, if you like to experiment.

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Caramel syrup with coffee drinks

Caramel Syrup for Coffee, Latte Recipes

Caramel syrup with coffee drinks

Caramel Syrup for Coffee, Mocha Recipes

Caramel syrup with coffee drinks

Sugar Free Caramel Syrup for Coffee Recipes

Caramel syrup with coffee drinks

Caramel Syrup for Cold Brew / Iced Coffee

Salted Caramel Iced Coffee
Salted Caramel Iced Coffee
1 cup (8oz) brewed coffee, chilled
2 tbsp (1 oz) Torani Salted Caramel Syrup
Milk or cream to taste


Pour ingredients over ice, stir and enjoy!
Caramel syrup with coffee drinks

Caramel Syrup for Coffee, Frappe Recipes

Caramel syrup with coffee drinks

Caramel Syrup for Dessert Coffee Recipes

Bourbon Caramel Dalgona Coffee
Bourbon Caramel Dalgona Coffee
2 Tbsp (1 oz.) Torani Puremade Bourbon Syrup
2 Tbsp (1 oz.) instant coffee
2 Tbsp (1 oz.) hot water
1 cup (8 oz.) chilled almond milk


Whisk together equal parts instant coffee, Torani syrup, and hot water for a few minutes until it becomes a thick foam. Pour over a glass of almond milk, stir and enjoy.

Torani Syrup Flavors - Caramel Family

Caramels are a product of confectionery made to produce a tasty and complex taste by heating sugars and removing water. With the production of the Classic Caramel Syrup, our passion for caramel began and has continued to make more variations like Salted Caramel Syrup over the years. In its own way, and taste is special, but oh so delicious.
Using Caramel Syrup
Caramel syrups, as a rule, are made on the basis of natural ingredients: purified water and sugar. Sometimes additional ingredients may be present in the product, including cocoa beans or nut extract, which serve to give the syrup a unique flavor and rich color. The classic caramel syrup has a beautiful shade that ranges from light amber to deep brown.
Caramel-flavored syrups have a thick consistency, which makes it possible to use these products for decorating confectionery and sweet pastries. It's hard to imagine how many original treats you can get by adding caramel syrup to different types of coffee drinks! Even the simplest, austere espresso takes on unforgettable tones when added with caramel-flavored syrup. By the way, this product, due to its rich sweet taste, perfectly replaces sugar.

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