Different types of coffee drinks

Different types of coffee drinks

Types of coffee drinks

There is a lot of types of coffee drinks in the world. Below you can find just some of the most popular in coffee shops.
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Different types of coffee drinks

Espresso drinks

This is the foundation of all the basics and recipes. Espresso is included in all coffee drinks, responsible for their strength and aroma. If the coffee is of high quality, then the drinks created on its basis will be delicious. A classic espresso requires only 30-35 ml of water.
When making espresso, hot water is supplied under pressure, which is what defines its name - espresso, that is, "under pressure".
Classic Espresso
Espresso drinks
Many popular coffee recipes are based on espresso, a concentrated black coffee that is brewed in a special coffee machine. The very name "espresso" says a lot, above all about the way it is prepared.

The rich taste of this type of coffee drink is achieved as follows: after 8-12 grams of well-roasted finely ground coffee, water heated to almost a boiling point of 92-95 degrees is passed under high pressure. The total amount of drink received should be 30-35 ml.

Intense and temperamental coffee with a dense thick creamy foam. Perfectly invigorates in the morning, opens a second wind in the middle of the working day and allows you to enjoy all the shades of taste and aroma of coffee beans.
Espresso Lungo
Espresso drinks
In Italian, lungo means "long". This is due to the longer preparation time compared to other coffees. More precisely, hot water is poured through the ground coffee in the coffee machine for a little longer than a minute.

Lungo is prepared with a much larger volume of water than espresso - the result is 50-60 ml of the drink. It is often confused with Americano, which is a watered-down espresso, but this is a mistake. The taste has a characteristic bitterness, since a large volume of water extracts components from the coffee (for example, tannins) that do not get into the drink when preparing an espresso.
Lungo is distinguished by density, balance and saturation.
Espresso Americano
Espresso drinks
Americano is a time-tested classic for all black coffee lovers. It is prepared from espresso diluted with hot water in a 1: 1 ratio. Due to this, the drink turns out to be not so strong and rich. But the proportions of espresso and water can be different. The strength is easily regulated by the volume of boiling water.

From the name of the drink, it is easy to conclude that it was invented in America. This is not true. Americano really started to cook for Americans during World War II, but in Italy. In terms of volume and concentration, it resembled the regular filter coffee beloved by Americans.
Different types of coffee drinks

Milk coffee drinks based on espresso

Most popular milk coffee drinks you can try in coffee shops
Flat white milk coffee drink
Milk coffee drinks
Flat white is a coffee and milk drink invented at the end of the 20th century. Flat white contains more coffee than cappuccino or latte and less milk. The proportion is considered classic: 110 ml of milk per 60 ml of espresso. In addition, there is very little milk froth in flat white coffee, and it is not as fluffy as allowed by the latte recipe.

Flat white is especially popular in the USA, Australia and New Zealand. The last two countries share the right to be called his homeland. It is believed that the English-speaking inhabitants of the Pacific region were looking for something familiar and soft in taste in coffee houses. But the cappuccino seemed to many too frothy. The customers of the cafe asked for a thinner layer of foam, and so an alternative appeared - flat white.
Cappuccino milk coffee drink
Milk coffee drinks
Cappuccino is an Italian espresso-based coffee drink. The classic version includes a double portion of black coffee, hot milk and thick milk froth, but some baristas use cream instead of the last two ingredients, they also add cinnamon, chocolate chips, and orange peel to the drink.

The cappuccino has a mild taste with a light coffee bitterness. If done correctly, the drink should be sweet even without added sugar.
Latte milk coffee drink
Milk coffee drinks
In an Italian restaurant, ask for a latte, the waiter will bring a glass of milk (latte is Italian for "milk"). Coffee with milk, in the rest of the world they are abbreviated to simply "lautte" (which with the obligatory stress on the first syllable) is called café latte in Italian and nothing else.

Difference. A latte coffee drink is a frothy mixture of coffee and milk. For a classic latte, milk is poured into the coffee. If you pour coffee into milk, you get a latte macchiato (latte macchiato). From its closest relative, cappuccino, latte is distinguished by a large number of ingredients (a lot of milk) and a relatively low milk froth.
Mocha milk coffee drink
Milk coffee drinks
Mocha (mokkachino) is a coffee and milkshake similar to a latte with added chocolate. There is no standard, so many variants of mocha have been invented.

Sometimes whipped cream and marshmallows are added to the drink, but there are always three permanent ingredients: coffee, milk and chocolate. Coffee in mochacino should be no more than 1/3 of the volume of the drink.
Raf milk coffee drink
Milk coffee drinks
Raf coffee is a mixture of black coffee and cream whipped in a cappuccino maker, seasoned with vanilla sugar. To prepare any other creamy coffee drinks, spread the whipped cream on top of the coffee. The main difference is that coffee and cream are first combined and then whipped into a homogeneous smooth foam.

Recently, experiments with the ingredients of this drink have become very popular. Instead of vanilla sugar, you can use vanilla syrup or a teaspoon of honey. If you add honey, then you get the Honey Raf, which coffee regulars have become fond of lately. A whipped espresso with honey and cream should have a firm and viscous consistency, then you can be sure that you prepared it correctly.
Different types of coffee drinks

Alcoholic coffee drinks

There is a lot of alcoholic coffee drinks, we present just the most popular of them.
Irish coffee alcoholic drink
Alcoholic coffee drinks
Irish coffee is a strong black coffee with sugar, generously milled Irish whiskey and topped with a layer of snow white, slightly whipped cream. The drink is so popular that its classic recipe is registered by the International Bartenders Association (IBA).

Irish differs from the numerous coffee cocktails in that: Irish whiskey is necessarily added to it. Coffee drinks with other types of Irish alcohol are not counted as Irish coffee;
The cream for Irish coffee is not whipped in steep foam. They must be whipped, but liquid, and lie on top of the coffee evenly.
Corretto alcoholic coffee drink
Alcoholic coffee drinks
Coretto - Italian version of coffee with alcohol. In translation from Italian corretto means "seasoned". The drink is seasoned mainly with grappa, brandy or sambuca.

In Italy it is customary to raise a cup with a drink, say: "Salute!" and drink a caretto in 1-2 sips. It is snacked with lemon, chocolate, hard cheese.

Italians living in the northern part of the country drink a caretto with grappa after breakfast (on weekends). In the south of Italy, lunch is more often finished with a drink
Bailey`s coffee alcoholic drink
Alcoholic coffee drinks
Coffee and Baileys liqueur are an excellent combination, such a drink is very popular among many women, it has a strong taste, wonderful aroma and leaves behind a light taste of milk liqueur. Baileys liqueur is an Irish cream liqueur produced by Bailey & Co, its strength is 17%.

This liqueur consists of Irish whiskey (triple distillation) and Irish cream. Launched on the market in 1974, this liqueur became one of the most popular cream liqueurs.
Different types of coffee drinks

Dessert coffee drinks

Frappe dessert coffee drinks
Dessert coffee drinks
Frappe - black coffee with foam, whipped on ice. There are many recipes, sugar, milk, cream, ice cream, liqueurs, syrups, spices, even Coca-Cola are added to the drink. Frappe is necessarily whipped, which makes it different from all other types of iced coffee.

In French, frappé means "beaten". So back in the XIX century drinks with crushed ice, including coffee, were called. For example, coffee with ice and ice cream was called "frappé a la glasse". Gradually, the word frappé got another meaning - "chilled".
Iced dessert coffee drinks
Dessert coffee drinks
Affogato is a dessert made of strong black coffee with ice cream. From its next of kin - glasse - affogato differs in that it has much less coffee. In addition, for glasse you need chilled coffee, and for affogato - hot coffee.
It is not known when and who invented affogato, but this coffee dessert could be born only in Italy.

The fact is that by the middle of the day, most people have a drop in blood sugar. In the southern countries, the afternoon hours are the hottest time, when it uncontrollably clones to sleep. Affogato, consisting of sweet ice cream and a small amount of strong coffee, replenishes the energy and gives a boost of energy.

In Italian affogato means "drowned": an ice cream ball, watered with hot coffee, melts and literally sinks in a delicious cream and coffee sauce, where sometimes liqueur is added.
Glace dessert coffee drinks
Dessert coffee drinks
Glace is a chilled coffee with ice cream. The name of the drink comes from the French word glacé, which means "frozen", icy. Glacé differs from all other types of coffee in that it must have ice cream. The closest relative of the drink is the Italian dessert affogato, but it is prepared in a slightly different way.

The basis of glace - black coffee, it does not matter how it is prepared: in a coffee maker, Turk, French-press, AeroPress. You can even use instant coffee.
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