Moka Pot Coffee Maker | 5 Steps To Brew Coffee

Moka Pot advantages, how to choose and clean, 5 steps on how to brew coffee with Moka Pot

What is Moka Pot?

There are hundreds of recipes to make delicious coffee, and one of the most popular among them is making espresso coffee in a Moka pot. Moka pot is a device that anyone can easily use at home to make a delicious, rich aroma espresso that retains all the beneficial coffee beans properties.

First debuted in 1933, the Italian stove pot espresso machine "Moka Pot" was manufactured by Bialetti. This company remains the leading manufacturer of this famous coffee maker until now. The design hasn't changed a bit either, and you won't find a single home in Italy without a Moka Pot.

Moka pot is a coffee machine that makes espresso by boiling water and passing steam through ground coffee.

Moka Pot Advantages

With a Moka pot in the kitchen, you can make a strong, rich drink using a regular electric stove. This device does not require extra care. When the coffee is ready, you only need to clean up the filter and rinse the rest of the product under running water.
  • Easy to use and clean up
  • Making espresso takes only a few minutes
  • High quality of the resulting drink
  • Economical coffee consumption

Three Main Parts of Moka Pot

It consists of three main parts:

1. Lower water tank
2. Middle part with a mesh filter
3. Upper container for the finished coffee drink

Classic Moka coffee makers are aluminum or stainless steel, but you may find pots with a glass top and a plastic lid. Modern models are often presented in various colors and designs.

Moka Pot Instructions

To make a wonderful aromatic coffee drink, besides the Moka pot coffee maker itself, you must have freshly roasted coffee beans, a coffee grinder, and clean water on hand. Let's get started preparing coffee:
Step 1. Pour water
Pour water into the base part of the Moka pot. To do this, open the device's lower section and fill it with water up to the safety valve. We recommend you use hot water to speed up making coffee and avoid the appearance of a bitter or metallic aftertaste.
Step 2. Add ground coffee
Grind coffee beans and place the powder into the filter section (recommended proportions - 9 g per 50 ml of water). It is best if the grinding size is medium. Next, attach the lower section back to the Moka pot.
Step 3. Coffee brewing
Place the Moka Pot on low or medium heat, and close the lid. The Moka will make a characteristic "hiss" and other sounds that should accompany making coffee during preparation.
Step 4. Remove Moka Pot from the stove
Remove the pot from the stove after a short silence (on average, in 2 minutes) and stir the ready coffee at the top of Moka Pot with a spoon. At the same time, it is crucial to avoid boiling the finished coffee in the upper container. Otherwise, the drink will be overcooked and lose its pleasant rich coffee aroma.
Final step 5. Enjoy you fresh coffee
Finally, pour coffee into cups and enjoy a great drink. You may want to drink the prepared coffee in its pure black form or with the addition of various components. Moka coffee goes well with milk, honey, vanilla, cinnamon, rum, and liquor.

Make a cool drink with chocolate, cream, and ice cubes on a hot day. Having a Moka pot coffee maker in your kitchen along with a blender or mixer, you can easily prepare a delicious cappuccino with luxurious foam!

Which Coffee for Moka Pot?

Choose the type and degree of coffee beans roasting according to your taste. But, it is worth mentioning that it is better to use high-quality coffee beans. Also, to get a tasty drink, the grinding must be fresh. If you store ground coffee for too long, it will lose its rich taste and aroma.

We choose a medium grind to make the drink as tasty as possible. It is important to remember that your drink depends on this, and therefore, it is always interesting to change the grinding either up or down. The main components of your drink are grain, grind and quantity.

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How to Choose Moka Pot?

Moka pot is a pretty simple coffee-making machine, whether it is an original model by Bialetti or any other manufacturer. However, consider these things when choosing and buying:

Moka Pot Sizes

Both the Bialetti company and other manufacturers of Moka coffee makers always make several different sizes for each series. The smaller the volume, the cheaper is the coffee maker because it takes less material to produce (aluminum or steel). For example, Bialetti makes the classic Moka Express line available in seven versions, designed for 1 to 18 cups. These cups are not the regular coffee mugs but traditional Italian espresso 30-40 ml cups. Therefore, the Bialetti Moka Express designed for six servings will not give you six mugs of Americano. It can only fill one 240-300 ml large cup.

If you have a very trusting relationship with coffee, and you don't want to share your quiet and non-intense morning with anyone, which rightfully belongs only to you, stick to the 1-2 cup model.

For a series of volumetric ones - 150-300 ml (3-6 cups)
For the office or gatherings with friends - large coffee makers - for 12-18 cups.

Production Material for Moka Pots

Traditional materials are aluminum and stainless steel. They are both environmentally friendly, hygienic, look good, have good thermal conductivity and are easy to care for. It is impossible to unambiguously answer the question which one is better.

Advantages of Aluminum Moka Pot Coffee Makers:

Since the electrical properties of aluminum do not work with an induction oven, owners of induction ovens should choose Moka steel coffee makers.
  • 1.
    A variety of shapes, colors, design solutions. This metal allows you to paint it in all colors, and the plasticity of the material allows you to make different shapes from it.
  • 2.
    Acceptable price. Aluminum is cheap to manufacture, which reduces the cost of production without sacrificing quality.
  • 3.
    Warm up quickly. Preparing a cup of morning coffee will take a matter of minutes.
  • 4.
    Tribute to tradition. Even before the discovery of coffee machines, finned aluminum coffee makers were being produced in Italy, narrowed in shape like a clepsydra.
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Advantages of Stainless Steel Moka Pot Coffee Makers:

An alternative to traditional aluminum coffee makers are stainless steel models. Coffee lovers highlight the advantages and disadvantages of such dishes.
  • 1.
    Beautiful steel sheen. Unlike aluminum, stainless steel coffee makers almost do not fade, are unpretentious in care, and are easy to clean by hand or in a car.
  • 2.
    Keep warm longer. The brewed coffee takes longer to cool down, as the thermal conductivity has become worse. Coffee pots with a pump serve as a thermos.
  • 3.
    Warm up quickly. Preparing a cup of morning coffee will take a matter of minutes.
  • 4.
    Suitable for all plates. Stainless steel geyser coffee makers have a wider range of operation: they can be heated on an electric, induction, and gas stove..
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Moka Pot Manufacturer's Country

Bialetti is an Italian brand, but that doesn't mean that Bialetti makes all of its Moka pots in Italy. This does not mean that the Bialetti coffee maker, not made in Italy, is a fake.
Moka pots made in China are similar to European Bialetti. The only difference is that they don't have the signature "man with mustache" logo. They also differ in a somewhat simplified design of the emergency valve.

Which is Better French Press or Moka Pot?

Moka pots and French presses are pretty affordable and can be bought for less than twenty dollars. You definitely have more control over the finished coffee with a French press, but the Moka significantly reduces it. After pouring hot water over coffee grounds with a French press, you can precisely time how long it brews.
You need more skills to create great coffee with Moka pots. So, if you take the steeping too far, you will mess coffee into a very sharp taste. Choose a French press if you don't like sharp-tasting coffee like espresso, but you want something more flavorful than standard automatic drip.

How to Clean a Moka pot?

Better don't do anything with the Moka pot that will interfere with the coffee taste or pot's finish. Please don't put your Moka in the dishwasher because it can cause oxidation and corrosion, an unattractive effect that can also give your coffee a metallic taste.

Avoid harsh cleaning brushes and sponges as they can also scratch the surface.

1. Let the Moka pot cool completely, then open it to pour the used coffee soil out of the basket.

2. Disassemble the Moka - make sure to remove the gasket and filter.

3. Rinse every part with warm water, using your fingers to remove debris.

4. Dry each part completely with cloth, or air dry them before assembling and storing the Moka. Any water left on the parts can corrode the metal over time and leave mineral deposits.

5. Once all the parts are dry, assemble the Moka pot, and it will be ready for use.

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