What is a Flat White Coffee Drink?

Flat White history
Difference between Flat White, Latte and Cappuccino
Composition and proportions of coffee Flat White
How to Make a Flat White step by step

What is a Flat White Coffee Drink?

Flat White history. Difference between Flat White, Latte and Cappuccino. Composition and proportions of coffee Flat White. How to Make a Flat White step by step.
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What is a Flat White?

Flat white is a coffee and milk drink made at the end of the 20th century. A flat white uses more coffee than a cappuccino or latte, and less milk. Classic calculated proportion: 110 ml of milk per 60 ml of espresso. In addition, the milk foam in a flat white coffee is very little, and it is not as fluffy as measured by a latte recipe.

Origin of Flat White

According to one version, flat white was born in Auckland, New Zealand: its recipe was invented by Derek Townsend, a roaster and barista at Cafe DKD.
The problem was that the quality of New Zealand milk was too high. Due to the temperate climate with a more or less constant average annual temperature, cows in New Zealand graze on pastures with fresh grass all year round and produce tasty and rich milk. Barista, whipping this milk for cappuccino and latte (strictly according to recipes!), As a result, they got a very high foam, which "hammered" the coffee itself with its taste.

In order to serve their guests coffee rather than a coffee-flavored milkshake, experimental baristas varied the amount of milk and coffee until they came up with a drink with a strong coffee flavor, minimal milk content and a very thin layer (0.20-0.25 cm ) milk foam.
The origin of the Flat White name and the arrival of the drink in Europe
The name of drink was not coined by chance. The fact is that historically, both in Australia and New Zealand, there lived a lot of immigrants who came from Europe, in particular from Greece and Italy. They brought with them a love for black coffee brewed in a French press or a geyser coffee maker. Such coffee was called black. When the fashion for drinks with milk came from Europe and the USA, they were designated as white. Those who ordered coffee simply specified which option they needed - "black" or "white" (by "white" they meant lattes and cappuccinos too). Since there was little milk in the new recipe, and the foam layer turned out to be thin, the drink was called "flat white" (flat white).

Flat White would have remained a local landmark if it were not for fellow Australian Peter Hall and New Zealanders Cameron McClure and James Gurnsey. In 2005, the three of them opened a tiny take-away coffee shop Flat White Soho in one of the busiest areas of London and unexpectedly became stars of the coffee world. Four years later, in an interview with The Independent, McClure admitted that the coffee shop sells more than 700 cups of flat white a day.

Composition and Proportions of Flat White

The main difference between cappuccino, latte and flat white is the amount of milk and the thickness of the foam. Flat white also has more coffee flavor due to the double shot of espresso.
The given numbers and proportions are arbitrary: every good barista has his own recipe, which can differ significantly from the classic one. In the USA, skim milk is often used, other baristas, on the contrary, prefer 11% cream, there is also a half'n'half option - a mixture of cream and milk.

Cappuccino, Latte or Flat White. How to Сhoose Your Drink?

  • Cappuccino
    Cappuccino is a classic coffee drink. It maintains the balance of espresso and milk taste.
  • Latte
    Latte is suitable for those who do not like the bright coffee taste. It has a lot of milk and only one shot of espresso.
  • Flat White
    Flat white is a great option for those who love a bright coffee flavor but can't drink coffee without milk.

How to Brew Flat White at Home?

For cooking you will need the following ingredients:
16 g ground coffee;
190 ml of milk;
Milk frother and steamer;
Large ceramic cup.
Make 2 espressos or otherwise brew 2 tsp. ground coffee in 80-90 ml of water.
Use a milk frother to froth the milk. Don't overdo it so you don't get a cappuccino. The essence of flat white is that there is not a lot of foam.
Pour into a cup of coffee.
Pour the frothed milk into the coffee.
You can get milk froth using an alternative method. Heat the milk to 65 degrees and pour into a French press. You can easily and quickly create a thick milk froth by whipping the milk with a filter for 30-45 seconds.

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Flat White coffee

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What is Flat White?

Differences between popular coffee drinks

Differences between popular coffee drinks

How to Make a Flat White with Nespresso, Video

How to Make The Perfect Flat White with Nespresso Coffee Maker
How to Make The Perfect Flat White with Nespresso Coffee Maker
What is Flat White?

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How to Make a Flavored Flat White

Why not brew Flat White according to your own recipe? You can use Flavor Shots to create your own unique flavor. Flavor shots are flavored and sweet syrups that are added to coffee, tea and other drinks. Popular flavor shots that can be added to Flat White are vanilla, caramel and chocolate.

How to make your unique Flat White in three easy steps

Add flavor shot
Before pouring into a cup of espresso, first add one tablespoon (15 ml) of syrup. Remember that the flat white cup should not be cold, otherwise the drink will cool down quickly, just rinse the mug with hot water.
Pour espresso
Pour the finished espresso on top of the syrup. (You can also try to change the sequence of your choice, first pour the espresso, then add the syrup and stir a little.)
Frothed milk on top
Do not mix the finished drink if you want the taste of your new flat white to change gradually. But if you want to feel the taste of a new recipe right away, then it is better to gently mix all three components of your drink.

Best coffee syrups you can try to make your flavored Flat White

How to Serve and Drink Flat White

It is customary to serve the drink in ceramic cups, sometimes glass goblets are used, but from the point of view of traditions, this is not entirely correct.

Flat white does not need to be stirred: the beauty of it is that when you take a sip, coffee passes through a layer of milk foam. Therefore, sugar is usually dissolved in the coffee base before milk is added. Nevertheless, along with a cup of coffee, the guest is offered a spoon and a sugar bowl or a sugar sticker.

The drink goes well with chocolate, shortbread and shortbread and hazelnut cookies, berry jelly and mousses.
Frequently Asked Questions about Flat White

What is a flat white Starbucks?

The Starbucks® Flat White is an espresso drink created with two ristretto shots, a thin layer of silky steamed whole milk, and a latte art dot on top. A ristretto shot has a stronger, sweeter coffee flavor. Starbucks baristas meticulously free pour to enable the espresso to float to the top of the cup for a robust coffee taste with a sweeter finish, precisely steaming milk into creamy micro-foam.

Is flat white sweet?
Can you add sugar to a flat white?

Two shots of espresso are combined with micro-foamed whole milk to make a flat white. Micro-foaming the milk, on the other hand, uniformly warms the liquid while dispersing bubbles throughout. This produces a rich, velvety coffee beverage with a powerful but sweet flavor.

Adding sugar to a flat white (or cappuccino or latte) is typically unnecessary, but if you have a sweet craving, go ahead and do so; it's your drink! If you want your drink very hot, the milk may lose some of its sweetness, necessitating the addition of a little additional sugar.
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