What is Doppio Coffee Drink?

Composition and proportions of Doppio coffee. How to make a Doppio. Best coffee for Doppio.
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What is Doppio?

Doppio is just a double espresso. 19-21 grams of ground coffee. Serving volume 60 ml. Caffeine content 100 - 135 grams. The main thing is not to confuse it with americano, where espresso is diluted with water. The fundamental difference between doppio is that the amount of not only liquid, but also coffee is doubled - and thus the strength of the drink is preserved.

Doppio means "double" in Italian. No matter how good espresso is, many coffee lovers lack two sips of the drink to fully enjoy the taste. There have always been many such lovers, and over time, instead of "doppio espresso", they began to simply say "doppio". A double shot of espresso was considered a type of coffee, which has a separate line on the menu.
Finely ground espresso coffee, which is coarser than for Turkish coffee, is used to make doppio. Medium roast is considered ideal, but there are lovers of dark. To make a double espresso, you need 100% Arabica or Robusta blend. The latter provides the drink with a fortress and makes the foam denser. Do not exceed its concentration above ten to fifteen percent, as a bitter taste may appear. Twenty percent is allowed in some Italian blends, but manufacturers use well-processed grains that do not spoil the taste.
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Differences Between Doppio and Other Types of Coffee

A doppio is always two shots of espresso poured into one cup. From the usual portion of espresso (shot) doppio differs only in volume and twice the amount of caffeine in the composition.
In terms of volume, doppio coffee is similar to lungo. However, in order for a lungo to be twice the size of an espresso shot, coffee is used with a coarser grind, or in rare cases, the extraction time is doubled. Doppio is made from the coffee of the same degree of grinding as espresso.
Another black coffee that is served in large portions is the Americano. But it is espresso diluted with water. Doppio is not diluted.
Doppio differs from coffee brewed in a cezve, in a geyser coffee maker, French press, or pour-over in that it can only be prepared in a coffee machine or double-holder carob coffee maker.
Doppio rules (Doppio characteristics)
Sometimes the names "doppio ristretto" or "doppio lungo" appear on the menu. These are double portions of the respective drinks. However, doppio cappuccino, latte or glace is not a double portion of the drink, but a milk-coffee cocktail based on a double shot of espresso. If such a cocktail is mixed at home, doppio is often replaced with 50–60 ml of black coffee, prepared in a conventional coffee maker or in some alternative way.
Coffee beans varieties
A mixture of several varieties of Arabica, it is possible to add 10 - 15% Robusta, if the mixture is Italian - then up to 20%.
Roast degree of coffee beans
From medium (Full City or Viennese) to dark (Italian or French).
Large or slightly smaller
Water temperature for making spresso
For medium roast coffee - from +91 to +93 ° C,
for dark - from +88 to +91 ° C
Brewing time, seconds
From 30–40, depending on the method of preparation
The volume of the portion at the exit, ml.
Caffeine content (strength)
60 ml (with crema)
100 -135 mg (per serving)
What is Doppio?

The main advantage of espresso is a full-bodied taste and rich aroma. Arabica has a wonderful aroma, so these beans are the most in espresso blends. But if you brew espresso from beans of any one variety, the aroma will be much poorer, "one-sided" than that of a mixture of different varieties of Arabica.
For greater strength, a little robusta is added to such mixtures, which is almost 2 times richer in caffeine. Robusta has one more feature: it gives a dense foam.
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When buying ground coffee in packs, it is important to ensure its tightness. After opening the package, it is better not to leave the coffee in the pack, but pour it into a glass container with a ground-in lid. The same should be done with excess self-ground coffee. But after 2-3 weeks of storage, the smell of ground coffee weakens.

Lungo has the best aroma from beans that are ground immediately before preparing the drink. Even if several hours pass between grinding the beans and brewing coffee, the coffee will have time to dampen and even run out of steam a little.
Ground coffee with aromatic additives is not suitable for making lungo: it is impossible to predict how artificial flavors will behave in an espresso coffee maker.
What is espresso?

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What is espresso?

Proportions of Ristretto, Espresso, Doppio and Lungo

About coffee strength TDS

TDS stands for total dissolved solids, is the % of substances dissolved in the drink of its total weight.
Coffee beans consist of 50% cellulose, which is not soluble at all. The soluble substances are only 36%, which is the maximum that can be extracted under laboratory conditions. When coffee is brewed with water, the acids are extracted first, then the sugars, and finally the bitter substances. Coffee tastes good when these substances are in balance with each other.
TDS is primarily influenced by two main factors: Ratio, which is the ratio of coffee to water: the more coffee, the higher the TDS and vice versa. Grind: The finer the grind, the higher the TDS.


How to Brew Doppio

Like every type of coffee, Doppio has variations. We will discuss the classic recipe and two additional based on Doppio, each of which will have a specific purpose.
  • Classic Doppio recipe
    19gm ground coffee (this is the standard, but for those who like a stronger drink, you can take 19-21gm);
    60 ml of water.

    Cooking technology:
    Using the tamper, press the coffee in the holder.
    Place the holder with ground coffee in the coffee maker.
    Place a preheated cup in the coffee collection tray.
    After 25-30 seconds, the coffee will be ready.
  • Doppio to quench thirst in summer
    You will need additional ingredients besides a serving of doppio coffee.
    Milk - 100-120 ml.
    Ice - crushed into pieces, volume - 2-3 cups.
    Caramel or fruit syrup - 10 ml.

    How exactly should the drink be prepared? It is assumed that you have already brewed a double espresso. What's next:
    1. Take a tall glass and pour pieces of ice into it.
    2. Add syrup.
    3. Pour milk and top with a little whipped milk foam.
    4. At the end, carefully pour in the doppio prepared in advance.
    The resulting drink is more often consumed in the summer and used to quench thirst.
  • Doppio to keep warm in winter
    Here is another recipe with additional ingredients, but it has the opposite effect. Here you need (again - except for the standard portion of doppio):
    Cocoa - 20 gr
    Milk - 10 ml
    Syrup (to your taste) - 10 ml
    Hot chocolate - 150 ml

    Cooking order:
    1. Shake milk, divide into two equal portions.
    2. First add cocoa to one of them, then hot chocolate, beat thoroughly - you should get a creamy mixture.
    3. Heat the cup and pour in the syrup, double espresso, cream and frothed milk alternately. Add cream and whipped milk to the center of the cup

    The result should be three rings: coffee, cream, milk. This is a warming, very high-calorie mixture, appropriate primarily in the cold winter.

What you need to know when you drink coffee Doppio

Well, if you are still looking for something special and want to experiment with making coffee at home, then more recipes can be found at the link below - Coffee Recipes.
Doppio is served immediately after preparation in thick-walled cups, and drunk as hot as possible. Along with coffee, the guest is offered a glass of non-carbonated water at room temperature, a spoon, a sugar bowl or a sugar sticker.
Before drinking coffee, you need to take a sip of water to clear the receptors. A sip of water can be taken after each sip of coffee, but the last sip of the doppio cannot be washed down with water: this is an insult to the barista. The last sip of coffee is washed down with water only if you don't like the taste of the drink and want to get rid of it as soon as possible.
Doppio is drinking with chocolate, fruit, hard cheese.
It is not recommended to abuse the drink, as it contains a lot of caffeine.
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