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What is an Americano coffee?

Americano is espresso with hot water added. It is allowed to dilute espresso with water in a ratio of 1:1, 1:2 or 1:4. The classic ratio is 1:1, but you can make Americano any way you like. The more water, the less concentrated the drink will be.

It is important to add water only after the coffee is ready, and not to brew it initially with a lot of water, such as lungo coffee. Most carob coffee machines are not designed to brew Americano coffee, they can only make lungo, espresso or ristretto coffee, so the American version of the coffee drink often has to be diluted by hand. The taste of Americano is quite original and largely depends on the way the ingredients are mixed. The coffee drink has connoisseurs in America and various European countries. Bold experiments are carried out with americano, adding milk, crushed ice, alcohol and various types of syrup to it.
history of Americano coffee

History of Americano Coffee

Drip coffee makers have been popular in the United States since the 19th century. They use filters. According to the technology, hot water penetrates through the layer of ground coffee on the filter. Therefore, coffee brewed in a drip coffee maker is called filter coffee. In all the bars of America, visitors were offered the so-called "Joe mug" - a container with 220 ml of filter coffee, which took 5-7 minutes to prepare.

At the end of World War II, American soldiers liberating Italy from the Nazis tortured local bartenders with demands to prepare a "cup of Joe". Espresso, beloved by Italians, seemed too strong to Americans, and servings of 30 ml after a large cup of filter coffee were completely ridiculous. Especially for Americans, espresso began to be diluted with hot water and served in latte cups. And in order to make it easier for military men who do not know Italian to order a diluted espresso, they began to call it americano. Paradoxically, America only really discovered Americano coffee in the 1990s, when the drink appeared on the Starbucks menu.

A misunderstanding arose: although drinks differ from each other in taste and preparation method, some baristas still confuse American coffee, that is, filter coffee, and Americano, diluted espresso.
Americano coffee rules (Americano characteristics)
Americano has a delicate taste. This coffee differs from other drinks in a very low concentration of caffeine: in a serving of Americano with a volume of 60 to 120 ml (and sometimes more) - as much caffeine as in 30 ml of espresso.
Coffee beans varieties
Blend of several varieties of Arabica or 90% Arabica and 10% Robusta
Roast degree of coffee beans
From medium (Full City or Viennese) to dark (Italian or French). The darker the roast, the more bitter and less sour.
Fine espresso or medium
Water temperature for making spresso
For medium roast coffee - from +91 to +93 ° C,
for dark - from +88 to +91 ° C
Brewing time, seconds
From 25-30 sec
The volume of the portion at the exit, ml.
Caffeine content (strength)
60 - 120 ml
50 - 70 mg (per serving)
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Best Coffee for Americano, Espresso Based Drink

If there is sourness in the taste of the coffee mixture, then in Americano it manifests itself especially brightly. For those who love this shade of flavor, it is recommended to brew coffee from a mixture of several varieties of Arabica, coffee should be roasted with Full City.
If you need a little more noble bitterness, choose a mixture of 90% Arabica and 10% Robusta. At the same time, the coffee will be a little stronger: Robusta has higher caffeine content. On an Americano made from a mixture of Arabica and Robusta coffee, the foam is somewhat denser and more stable than on pure Arabica coffee.
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When buying ground coffee in packs, it is important to ensure its tightness. After opening the package, it is better not to leave the coffee in the pack, but pour it into a glass container with a ground-in lid. The same should be done with excess self-ground coffee. But after 2-3 weeks of storage, the smell of ground coffee weakens.

Americano espresso based coffee has the best aroma from beans that are ground immediately before preparing the drink. Even if several hours pass between grinding the beans and brewing coffee, the coffee will have time to dampen and even run out of steam a little. Ground coffee with aromatic additives is not suitable for making lungo: it is impossible to predict how artificial flavors will behave in an espresso coffee maker.
What is espresso?

Best Nespresso, Espresso Capsules

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What is espresso?

Proportions of Ristretto, Espresso, Lungo and Americano

How to Brew Americano, Recipes

A good espresso coffee maker is suitable for Americano: in a metal case, with a stainless steel horn, providing a pressure of at least 9 bar in the espresso chamber. It is desirable that such a coffee maker has a separate tap for hot water.
  • Classic Americano recipe
    ground coffee - 7-11 grams;
    water - 30 ml for brewing espresso and 30-470 ml of water in order to dilute it;
    sugar - to taste.

    1. Turn on the coffee machine and wait until the ready indicator lights up.
    2. If the coffee machine is equipped with a grinder, put a heaping tablespoon of coffee beans into the grinder.
    3. If the coffee maker is carob, measure out 7-11 g of ground coffee (measured container or teaspoon, 1 teaspoon - 3 g). Tamp the coffee in the cone with tempera, applying a force of at least 20 kg.
    4. Install the horn in the coffee maker.
    5. Warm up a large thick-walled cup (for example, a latte glass) for coffee and another for hot water.
    6. Place the espresso cup in the drip tray, brewing time is 25-30 seconds.
    7. Pour hot water into the second cup (approximate temperature - from +90 to +92 °C).
    8. Mix the ingredients. Add sugar to taste.
  • Creamy Americano
    Cream or milk can be added to classic Americano. Depending on the concentration and fat content, the taste of the drink will also depend. To make a creamy americano, mix cream with coffee and add a cinnamon stick or sprinkle ground cinnamon on top. Add sugar to taste. Coffee with milk is a classic. Just add milk to an Americano and you get a gentle, soft, weak coffee drink.
  • Americano with Cnnamon
    The cinnamon americano is another classic along with coffee with milk. You can simply sprinkle ground cinnamon on top, or you can make milk coffee with cinnamon. To do this, "brew" a cinnamon stick in milk, put on a slow fire and bring to a boil. Then mix the resulting brown milk with espresso and you're done.
  • Americano with Syrups
    Americano black coffee goes well with many additives, such as syrups. Chocolate and maple syrup are especially popular. If you want something fresher, then try the mint americano. You will need to prepare an espresso, pour in the mint syrup, and then dilute with hot water. You will get a very unusual refreshing taste.

    You can not stop at these recipes and try to mix various ingredients in coffee on your own, observing their proportions.
Americano coffee How to Serve and Drink Americano Coffee

How to Serve and Drink Americano Coffee

An Americano can't be drunk in a few sips like an espresso. Therefore, it makes sense to serve it in a latte glass with a straw, a sugar bowl, or 1-2 sticks of sugar. In the office, it is convenient to drink Americano from a paper cup, sipping through a straw. The drink can be eaten with the same products as espresso: chocolate, fruit, hard cheese. But Americano is also in harmony with desserts, pastries, both sweet and salty. The classic combination is Americano with donuts.
Americano coffee How and when to drink Americano?

How and when to drink americano?

How and when to drink americano? There are no strict rules on this. Americano can be drunk morning and evening, during and after meals, with or without milk, hot or cold. This is the perfect drink for any occasion.

Fragrant with a slightly perceptible coffee aftertaste, Americano is ideal for both business meetings and a romantic date. A cup of this coffee, prepared in accordance with quality standards, will not leave anyone indifferent.
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