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About AeroPress

Aeropress is the youngest coffee-making method invented and introduced by Alan Adler in 2005 at the "CoffeeFest" trade show in Seattle, California. Because it does not involve using the expensive coffee-making machinery and equipment, you can make the drink with an Aeropress almost anywhere at home or work, on the train, and at a picnic.

The Aeropress method basically forces water through the ground coffee with hand pressure. Using the paper filter, you can make the drink clean and transparent. Applying the pressure makes it denser than drip brewing methods.

AeroPress Key Advantages

  • Rich, smooth, non-bitter coffee taste
  • Low acidity
  • Paper microfilter eliminates coffee grounds in the cup (unlike a French press)
  • Make 1 - 3 cups of coffee in about a minute
  • Brew americano, espresso, and cold brew coffee
  • Ideal for home, travel, and camping
  • Cleaning takes seconds
  • Free from phthalates and bisphenol A (BPA)

AeroPress grind

Aeropress offers more space for grinding experiments than other methods, which are more sensitive to changes. Usually, it is recommended to use medium ground coffee, similar to the pour-over method. Use medium coffee grinds like medium-sized sea salt, slightly finer than a drip coffee maker.

Instructions on How To Use AeroPress

Step 1.
Prepare the right amount of coffee.
The Aeropress uses more coffee than other brewing methods: about 70 grams per 1 liter of water. The optimal amount of coffee for a 220ml cup is 17-18 grams. Take this as a general guideline and adjust the proportions according to your taste.
Step 2.
Boil water
Choosing the temperature depends on the coffee roasting degree - the darker the coffee, the lower the temperature needed. Also, the shorter the brewing time, the higher you should be water temperature.

At the same time, the inventor of the Aeropress recommends using 80 °C water. However, few people follow this recommendation and mostly use 90 °C water.
Step 3.
Insert the paper filter into the cap
Before installing the paper filter into the Aeropress, pour some hot water through the filter to remove the dust and eliminate the paper taste. Paper filters are more hygienic, so impurities and odors will not get into the drink. Now, insert the filter into the cap of the Aeropress. It is a small black plastic cap with many holes.
Step 4.
Assemble the Aeropress
Pull the plunger to the open position and place the Aeropress on it. Pour freshly ground coffee into a dry and clean Aeropress
Step 5.
Add water
For complete coffee extraction, we recommend adding water in two steps. First, add in a third of the total volume of water. For 18 grams of coffee, add 50–60 ml of water and wait 30 seconds. Next, add the rest of the water and let it stay another 60 seconds

Stir the brewed coffee with a spoon or stick several times.

Close the cap.

Turn the Aeropress upside down and place it onto a mug or a jar.
Step 6.
Press the plunger
If it feels like it's hard to push the plunger, it means the coffee grind is too fine. If it's pressed too easily - the coffee grind is too large.

Coffee is ready when the Aeropress releases air making a hissing sound.
AeroPress Coffee Maker Official Demo
Here's a great way to brew with the AeroPress coffee maker!
- Put a filter in the filter cap
- Twist the filter cap onto the bottom of the chamber
- Stand the chamber on a sturdy mug
- 1 rounded scoop of fine drip grind coffee into the chamber
- Shake to level
- 175F (80C) water poured to number (1) on the chamber
- Stir 10 seconds
- Insert plunger and press gently for 20-40 seconds, pausing occasionally when you feel resistance - Drink as is for espresso-style or top off your mug with hot water for American-style coffee (or with hot milk for a latte)

AeroPress Inverted (Upside-down)

The inverted method turns the Aeropress into an immersion brewing method where the coffee stays in the water for as long as the barista chooses. The longer time creates deeper flavors and a richer coffee taste in the mouth than the standard method.

The inverted method starts by partially inserting the plunger into the Aeropress body (usually up to the "4" mark) and then placing upright with the plunger backside on the post. Remove the filter cap, add the ground coffee into the Aeropress body, followed by hot water. Add a paper filter and close the cap.

Finally, turn over the entire Aeropress, place it onto a cup, and apply pressure.

AeroPress cold brew

Water and ground coffee usually need to interact for 12-36 hours when making cold brew coffee. That gives the ground grain enough time to soak well in water. Therefore, cold brew coffee is tough to filter.

It is when Aeropress comes to the rescue! It's easy to filter cold-brew using air pressure. You will have your delicious, balanced, cold drink pretty soon.
Prepare a mix of 35 g of coffee and 500 g of water in a bottle.
Leave for 5-10 hours at room temperature.
Put in the refrigerator overnight.
Use the mix to make coffee with an Aeropress using the standard method. You can use a paper or metal filter.
Add ice. Rinse the Aeropress and repeat the rest of the cold brew.

AeroPress vs. French Press

Both the Aeropress and French press use brewing and applying pressure, preparing very saturated and rich in taste coffee.

If you need a drink as free of coffee particles as possible, an Aeropress is more suitable for this purpose.
If you need to make a more significant amount of coffee at a time, choose a French press.
When speed is essential, coffee is prepared faster in an Aeropress.
The French press wins when trying to avoid extra hassle, as it does not need replaceable filters.
If you want to make mostly espresso, you definitely need an Aeropress.

Still, the Aeropress device is less cumbersome, and easy to use and maintain. It demands less cleaning and washing. Although, it is hard to prefer one device to another absolutely. Therefore, we advise you to put them both on the kitchen shelf since they are pretty cheap to buy.

Tips for AeroPress Owners

Since the Aeropress is made of plastic, you should periodically soak it in water for some time to get rid of absorbed odors.

After brewing coffee, it is better to store the Aeropress disassembled.

Here is a convenient method to moisten the paper filter.

Place the paper filter into the cap. Fill the Aeropress's chamber with water in half. Push the water through the filter with the plunger. Don't push the plunger to the very end, and it should not contact the filter. As a result, the paper filter is moistened evenly, making a better coffee taste.

After pressing, you can cover the container for a few minutes with a lid to enhance the coffee aroma.

AeroPress Filters

CAFE CONCETTO Filters for use in AeroPress Coffee Makers

Suitable for the normal or inverted method.
Give your coffee the kick it deserves. Keep the delicious oils that paper filters eliminate. Increase pressure, extraction, and brew with fewer drips by increasing pressure, extraction, and brew time. Enjoy coffee that is juicier and has a better flavor and texture. Ideal for use at home, on the road, or in a business. Save money on paper filters while also helping to make the world a greener place.

High-strength stainless steel is precision machined. Titanium coating ensures long-term durability and a beautiful appearance. We're so confident in our design that we back it up with a lifetime warranty on all of our filters.

Replacement Filter Packs for the AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker, 700 Count

From $
14 (approx. price)
Designed for use with the AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker, the paper microfilters prevent grounds from entering your cup, unlike with French press coffee brewers.
The AeroPress coffee and expresso maker is a new kind of coffee press that uses a rapid, total immersion brewing process to make smooth, delicious, full-flavored coffee without bitterness and with very low acidity.
Micro-filtered coffee and espresso are so pure and particle-free that they can be stored for days in a refrigerator as a concentrate and later made into delicious American coffee!
Exclusively for use with Aeropress coffee and expresso makers.
700 count pack. Biodegradable. Measure: 2 1/5" diameter

AeroPress Stations, Under Cabinet Racks and Organizers

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