Round Wooden
Coffee Tables

Modern Round Wood Coffee Tables with Drawers and shelves. Create a Minimalist and Practical Sence for Your Living Room. Shop Online Now!
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Round Wooden Coffee Tables

Modern Round Wood Coffee Tables with Drawers and shelves. Create a Minimalist and Practical Sence for Your Living Room. Shop Online Now!
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Luxury Round Wood & MDF Coffee Tables with Free Shipping.
Price range $457 - $1385

2 Pieces Modern Nesting Coffee Table with Drawers

From $
1385 (approx. price)
The nested coffee table was created with smooth lines and radians, a white body, and separate black stone and tempered glass tops to produce elegance and concize style for your living room or entertainment space. The huge coffee table has two larger and two smaller drawers, making it easy to store magazines, DVDs, remote, keys, tea sets, and other items. This coffee table set will look great in any space.

- Material of Large Coffee Table: Stone, MDF, Stainless Steel
- Material of Small Coffee Table: Stainless Steel, Tempered Glass
- Color: White & Black
- Overall Dimensions of Large: 51.2"L x 27.6"W x 13.8"H (1300mmL x 700mmW x 350mmH)
- Overall Dimensions of Small: 31.5"Dia x 16.7"H (800mmDia x 425mmH)
- Number of Drawers: 4
- Number of Pieces: 2
- Assembly Required: No
- Care & Clean: Wipe Clean With Damp Cloth, Wipe Dry With Clean Cloth.
- Please note there will be slight variations in pattern between each product due to the natural material.

Round Modern Wood Swivel Coffee Table with Storage. White, Grey or Black

From $
699 (approx. price)
The coffee table is a significant piece of furniture in a living area that should be both stunning and inviting. With a swivel coffee table, this space should be given total attention in furnishings and decor regardless of the kind or size of the living room, office, or dining room. The coffee table in your living room is the cornerstone of your wonderful luxury style of well-being. Because your bookcase, couch, and sideboard have all been carefully chosen, the table you choose for your living room should be in keeping with the rest of your decor. It's all up to you whether you want a subtle variation in styles or a monochrome universe to emerge.

The 360-degree swivel of this coffee table, as well as the drawer for storing small items like remotes and other devices or peripherals, keeps the living area neat. This elegant and beautiful coffee table's stainless steel base and high-quality MDF work together to ensure that it will last for decades. The white tabletop and gold finish provide an appealing ambiance for mingling with friends or family, and the contrast between its timber structure and the gold metal base frame is beautiful and modern. Wipe clean with a moist towel, then dry with a clean cloth.

Modern Chic Round Nesting Coffee Table with Storage White Stone Coffee Table Set of 2

From $
1299 (approx. price)
With this combination of two coffee tables, you can add a touch of modern elegance and beauty to your area. These coffee tables have a sophisticated design with subtle elements that provide an unobtrusive yet classy appeal that instantly transforms your room. It functioned as a showcase for ornamental goods and art, with a spherical surface. Aside from that, the little side table is moveable for useful and handy usage; the nested design allows each element to be utilized together or individually, and they can all be stowed under the larger table. Due to the natural material, there will be subtle variances in pattern between each product.

Material: Stone, Stainless steel, MDF
- Color: White
- Overall Dimensions of Coffee Table: 31.5"Dia x 15.7"H(800mmDia x 400mmH)
- Overall Dimensions of End Table: 19.7"Dia x 19.1"H(500mmDia x 485mmH)
- Number of Drawers: 2
- Number of Pieces: 2
- Assembly Required: No
- Care & Clean: Wipe Clean With Damp Cloth, Wipe Dry With Clean Cloth.

- Please note there will be slight variations in pattern between each product due to the natural material.

White & Walnut Round Nesting Wood Coffee Table with Storage Rotating Top in Rose Gold Set of 2

From $
1057 (approx. price)
With this combination of two coffee tables, you can add a touch of modern elegance and beauty to your area. These coffee tables have a sophisticated design with subtle elements that provide an unobtrusive yet classy appeal that instantly transforms your room. It functioned as a showcase for ornamental goods and art, with a spherical surface. Aside from that, the tiny table can be rotated for efficient and handy usage, and it has inside compartments and a drawer to provide a bountiful and full storage solution that is both beautiful and practical. Pick up a white or walnut version today!

- Material: Natural Stone + Marble Veneer & Metal (Large), Manufactured Wood & Metal (Small)
- Color Options: White & Walnut
- Dimensions of Large: 31.5"Dia x 17.3"H (800mmDia x 440mmH)
- Dimensions of Small: 27.6"Dia x 12.8"H (700mmDia x 325mmH)
- Assembly Required: Yes
- Care & Clean: Wipe Clean With Damp Cloth, Wipe Dry With Clean Cloth.

Modern Round Nesting 2-Piece Extendable Gray & Black Living Room Accent Coffee Table

From $
459 (approx. price)
This side table is a distinctive and eye-catching complement to most home dcor, with an open nesting form and circular shapes. Its extensible form not only adds to its stylish appearance, but also provides more storage space for your daily necessities. If you don't need it, just slide the little piece under its partner to save up some room on your floor. The sleek, spherical tabletop is ideal for displaying flowers, nibbles, beverages, television remotes, and periodicals. Made of solid wood and stainless steel, it's a well-made item that will endure a long time. This contemporary coffee table is both fashionable and utilitarian, making it an excellent addition to any house.

Material: Manufactured Wood (top), Stainless Steel (base)
- Finish: Black
- Overall Dimensions of Small: 27.6"Dia x 9.8"H (700mmDia x 250mmH)
- Overall Dimensions of Large: 31.5"Dia x 13.4"H (800mmDia x 340mmH)
- Number of Pieces: 2
- Assembly Required: Yes
- Care & Clean: Wipe Clean With Damp Cloth, Wipe Dry With Clean Cloth.

Round Modern Stone & Glass Top Nesting Coffee Table Set of 2 with 1 Drawer

From $
1169 (approx. price)
- Color: Off-White

- Overall Dimensions of Large: 27.2"W x 23.6"D x 16.1"H
(690mmL x 600mmW x 410mmH)
- Overall Dimensions of Small: 31.5"Dia x 10.6"H
(800mmDia x 270mmH )
- Number of Pieces: 2
- Care & Clean: Wipe Clean With Damp Cloth,
Wipe Dry With Clean Cloth.

Top-Rated Round Wooden Coffee Tables.
Price range $99 - $299

This rating is based on feedback from real users. Price and other
details may vary based on size and color

Walker Edison Wooden Round Metal Wrap X Base Coffee Table, 30 Inch, Dark Walnut and Black (more colors available)

Positive reviews: 91% Visit the Walker Edison Store
From $
190 (approx. price)
With an urban industrial style, our circular coffee table is a great space to store your books, periodicals, or fresh flowers. The tabletop is supported by metal legs that wrap around it, providing it strength and stability. The base is black coated metal, with lovely grain details on the laminate tabletop surface for a rustic look that's excellent for any living area.
Up to 100 pounds can be supported on the top surface. Durable laminate and painted metal were used to create this piece. To complete the aesthetic, pair it with the matching side table.

Overall dimension: 30.63"D x 30.63"W x 17"H

VASAGLE ALINRU Round Coffee Table, Industrial Style Cocktail Table, Durable Metal Frame

Positive reviews: 91% Visit the VASAGLE Store
From $
99 (approx. price)
Leave the tables that have been "taken and placed there" behind. This coffee table adds a sense of charm and uniqueness to your living space with its matte black steel legs that are connected together and a round top with rustic wood grain.

A large vase brimming with vibrant flowers? Do you have any lovely ceramic decorations? Complete and personalize this cocktail table to your liking; the sturdy steel legs and engineered oak top can hold up to 220 pounds.

In a matter of minutes: Having a one-of-a-kind coffee table should appeal to everyone; with only three components, the assembly will be a breeze! Furthermore, all of the screws are identical, so you can't go wrong.

Overall dimension: 34.6"D x 34.6"W x 18.5"H

Walker Edison Wooden Round Metal Wrap X Base Coffee Table, 30 Inch, Dark Walnut and Black (more colors available)

Positive reviews: 91% Visit the Walker Edison Store
From $
149 (approx. price)
This round coffee table with a crisscross shape, inspired by mid-century modern design, combines style and functionality. The x-base is composed of metal and is gold-painted for a touch of class. It'll look great on its alone or paired with our matching side table, and it'll go with any living room decor. Decorate the round tabletop with a tray to lay books, a clock, or creative objects on to tie the area together even more.

Overall dimension: 36"D x 36"W x 19"H

LALUZ Wooden Round Coffee Table for Living Room, Hand-cast Metal

Positive reviews: 90% Visit the LALUZ Store
From $
299 (approx. price)
The blend of materials and textures, inspired by the American Industrial Age, creates a raw, organic look. The hand-cast brass base has an antiqued finish. The oak is wire brushed to bring out its beautiful grain, and the color is enhanced with a sealed wax finish. Enhance the look of a modern farmhouse living room!!
The circular coffee table is built of MDF with an oak veneer. The hand-cast brass base has an antiqued finish and a robust X-shape design that keeps it stable. Avoid using strong chemicals or abrasive cleaning agents; instead, wipe with a soft, dry cloth. Please avoid placing hot things directly on the tabletop, and use coasters under beverages to avoid scratches and stains. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Overall dimension: 36"D x 16"W x 36"H

Kate and Laurel Zabel Wooden Round Metal Coffee Table with Criss Cross Base (Bronze and Black & White Oak)

Positive reviews: 88% Visit the KATE & LAUREL Store
From $
147 (approx. price)
The spherical design and intelligent use of diverse materials are both elegant and simple, combining practicality with modern elegance.
The table's metal construction gives it a modern vibe, but the elegant wooden insert softens and warms the design, making it suitable for a wide range of decors. The table has a diameter of about 28 inches and a height of about 18 inches. This coffee table comes flat and is simple to put together. All of the necessary hardware is provided. On a rough surface, the smooth top maintains your décor items in place without swaying. It is simple to clean since it can be dusted with a simple wipe.

Overall dimension: 28"D x 28"W x 18"H

Top Rated Round Wooden Coffee Tables with Storage.
Price range $99 - $159

This rating is based on feedback from real users. Price and other
details may vary based on size and color

Small Round Wooden Coffee Table with Storage, Wood Surface Top & Metal Legs & Open 2-Tier Shelf, Brown or Grey

Positive reviews: 93%
From $
112 (approx. price)
The coffee table's attractiveness is enhanced by a high-quality fake wood grain finish. The simple design complements any living room decor. The tabletop can handle up to 250 pounds, while the bottom shelf has a metal crossbar that can support up to 90 pounds. To enjoy your family life, chat or play games around this table.
More storage space, a broad tabletop, and a second bottom shelf give ample space for living room items, ensuring that you have everything you require. The second shelf is set at a height that allows vacuuming and robots to pass through.
The round coffee table's top is constructed of environmentally friendly P2 MDF.

Overall dimension: 27.16"D x 27.16"W x 24.4"H

O&K Furniture Wooden Rustic Round Coffee Table for Living Room, Industrial Cocktail Table with Open Shelving, Vintage Brown

VisitPositive reviews: 88% Visit the O&K FURNITURE Store
From $
139 (approx. price)
The ideal addition to any recreational area — This circular cocktail table has a farmhouse style with wood grain, which provides a warm, simple, and appealing setting. Simple to assemble — all you need are 12 similar screws to create a full, elegant coffee table. Instructions and tools are also included in the package. Even on uneven ground, a table with adjustable feet makes it easier to maintain balance.

The simulated wood texture and black steel tube frame give it a distinct industrial vibe. This old brown coffee table will offer a rustic touch to your house and merges seamlessly into any décor style.

Overall dimension: 31.9"D x 31.9"W x 18.2"H

Teraves Industrial Wooden Coffee Table for Living Room, Round Coffee Table with Storage Shelf

Positive reviews: 92% Visit the TERAVES Store
From $
139 (approx. price)
The living room is symbolized by a coffee table. The modern, exquisite look of the Travel circular coffee table, as well as the " X " bracing structure, express the fashion sense of your precious home. Gather your friends and family around this wood coffee table for a great night! This compact coffee table's metal grid provides extra storage space for drinks, periodicals, plants, CDs, and other things. Furthermore, your tiny wonderful creatures are welcome to rest here if they so want.

This tea table can be set up in about 40 minutes thanks to its easy design. You won't need to buy any tools to put this table together because it comes with everything you need. A comprehensive instruction manual is included.

Overall dimension: 35.8"D x 35.8"W x 18.1"H

Armocity Wood Round Coffee Table Modern Design with Storage 2-Tier Central Table for Living Room, Coffee Bar. Grey or Rustic color

Positive reviews: 87%
From $
99 (approx. price)
You didn't want a standard square or rectangular table, did you? You didn't want a table with sharp corners, did you? When your child or youngster is running or playing, the Armocity circular shape design coffee table may increase their safety, so you don't have to worry about harm. 2-tier Open Shelves: The circular coffee table includes 2-tier open shelves that take up less space and offer you extra storage space, allowing you to keep and store coffee, remotes, books, toys, magazines, wine, and other daily stuff, keeping your living room tidy and nice.

Enjoy Your Leisure Time: Industrial coffee table is a basic vintage circular design with a rustic industrial aspect. It's a beautiful coffee table that instantly transforms the look of your living space into something unique and elegant. You may enjoy your free time by making a cup of coffee.

Overall dimension: 31.5"D x 31.5"W x 16.5"H

NSdirect Round Coffee Table, Rustic Wooden Surface Top & Sturdy Metal Legs Industrial Modern Design, Light Walnut

Positive reviews: 86% Visit the NSdirect Store
From $
163 (approx. price)
Our circular coffee table's surface is composed of MDF, an environmentally friendly P2 particleboard that is waterproof and wear-resistant, with a multi-step treatment process that delivers both beautiful aesthetics and outstanding durability. The coffee table is supported by thick matte metal legs that are strong enough to hold it.
A high-quality simulated hardwood grain finish complements the table's old natural appeal. Simple construction for a pleasing appearance and feel. It's a good match for your particular style and home design. It can go with any living room style, whether it's a plain or luxurious one.

Overall dimension: 36"D x 36"W x 18"H

Black Round Wooden Coffee Tables.
Price range $72 - $189

This rating is based on feedback from real users. Price and other
details may vary based on size and color

List of the best selling Black Lift Top Coffee Tables With Storage

  • 1. TANGKULA Black Wood Lift Top Coffee Table, with Hidden Compartment and Open Storage Shelf

    2. Rolanstar Black Lift Top Coffee Table with Drawers

    3. VINGLI Black Lift Top Coffee Table, Lift Up Coffee Table with Storage Shelf/Hidden Compartment

    4. Yaheetech Black Lift Top Coffee Table with Hidden Compartment and Storage Shelf

    5. iHomy Black Walnut Lift Top Coffee Table with Storage for Home Living Room Office

    6. Tangkula Black Lift Top Coffee Table with Hidden Compartment & 2 Side Drawers

Usinso Dark Grey Round Coffee Table with Iron Storage Shelf and Black Legs for Living Room, Wooden Top

Positive reviews: 87%
From $
139 (approx. price)
With its basic style and rustic top surface, the dark grey circular wood coffee table stands out. The table's straightforward form allows it to effortlessly blend in your living room or workplace with a variety of sofa styles. In addition, the rustic top surface might work well in a farmhouse.

The strong metal frame is black in color. The round coffee table's endurance is ensured by the x shape construction. In addition, the circular coffee table is heat resistant and waterproof. The shelf adds to your storage capacity. Managing, snakes, and cocktails might all be displayed on this grey wash pedestal coffee table. The table and the shelf have a combined load capacity of 300 pounds.

Overall dimension: 35.4"D x 13"W x 35.4"H

Round Coffee Table, Nesting Tables Set of 2, Modern Design for Living Room, Metal Frame Sofa Table Cocktail Table, Black & White

Positive reviews: 88% Visit the ED MAXWELL store
From $
189 (approx. price)
The basic modern design provides the tables a beautiful classic vintage flair, giving them a pleasing appearance. This coffee table set is suitable for usage in a variety of settings, including the living room, lounge, playroom, and so on.

The tabletop is composed of high-quality 16MM thicker MDF with a long-lasting laminate, which provides excellent stability and resistance to deformation. For extremely solid and stable support, the table legs are composed of 25MM durable powder coated iron tubing with rust-resistant effect. Surface with an Imitation Wood Grain —- The Black & White wood grain PVC veneer finish is attractive and simple, giving our coffee table texture and a rustic, domestic charm. These circular tables are also scratch-resistant, water-resistant, and simple to clean. There was no need for paint because the material was green, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly.

Overall dimension: 34"D x 34"W x 18.5"H

ACME Sytira Round Wooden Coffee Table, Espresso & Black

Positive reviews: 86% Visit the ACME store
From $
189 (approx. price)
The industrial style of the Sytira coffee table will give your home décor a distinctive appeal. Its black finish complements the espresso hardwood top well. The hardwood top provides a place to put food and drinks, while the metal drum-shaped base provides support. It will be a terrific addition to your space and will go with any style.

Overall dimension: 32"D x 32"W x 18"H

Fab Glass and Mirror 1/2 Inch Black Round Modern Glass 17 3/4 Inch Height Side Coffee Table

From $
73 (approx. price)
We've continued the trend of creating distinctive and lovely glass Side Tables for home design. This table is made of tempered glass, which is hardened throughout the production process by severe heating and quick cooling. Glass that has been tempered is two to three times stronger than glass that has been annealed. Tempered glass breaks into many little bits if it is shattered, preventing catastrophic damage.

Overall dimension: 17.5"D x 17.5"W x 17.75"H

Modern Round Wooden Coffee Tables.
Price range $130 - $325

This rating is based on feedback from real users. Price and other
details may vary based on size and color

Knowlife Modern Nesting Coffee Table Round, Golden Color Frame with Marble Pattern Wood, 32" (more colors available)

Positive reviews: 88% Visit the Knowlife Store
From $
179 (approx. price)
A large table (L31.5" x W31.5" x H18") and a small table (L31.5" x W31.5" x H18") are included in this modern style nested coffee table set ( L23.5" x W23.5" x H13" ). When you needed extra space, you could slip the tiny one under the larger one. You can mix and match them as you see fit. It has a wooden surface that is non-toxic and nice to the touch. It's easy to clean because of the high-quality hardwood board. Waterproof, dirt-proof, and incredibly smooth to the touch, this board has a glossy surface.

It has contemporary and stylish legs in the style of a Pacman. The golden powder-coated metal legs add a finishing touch to any decor. It has a maximum weight capacity of 220 pounds. The open base design allows you to have extra room. It can hold periodicals, beverages, and snacks, yet it just takes up a little amount of space. You may even split them and use one as a drinking table and the other as a side table.

Randefurn Round Wooden Coffee Table, Pine Wood X Base Frame Cocktail Table. Gold

Positive reviews: 84% Visit the RANDEFURN store
From $
219 (approx. price)
This attractive piece of furniture may be utilized as a circular dining table, a stylish display table, a table, or just as an accent piece in your living room. This clean-finished circular coffee table is a welcome addition to any lodge or modern farmhouse style, brimming with rustic charm.
Seagrass and Abaca plant fibers are handwoven and wrapped around a strong oak frame. Due to the usage of real seagrasses, colors may vary somewhat. For moisture resistance, a second coat of lacquer was applied.

Overall dimension: 19.7"D x 39.4"W x 17.7"H
More Colors Available for Randefurn Round Wooden Coffee Table

Gezen Round Modern Coffee Table for Living Room, 2-Tier Modern Coffee Table with Open Storage Shelf, Marble White with Gold Frame

Positive reviews: 92%
From $
139 (approx. price)
With a large metal open shelf below, this coffee table has plenty of storage space. You may put books, periodicals, potted plants, fruits, snacks, and some ornamental objects on it, as well as often used or larger goods. It's simple to clean with a vacuum cleaner or a floor sweeper because of the elevated bottom design.

This side table's overall metal pipe design and modern gold and marble hues make it a very harmonic addition to your living area, and it also pairs well with other furniture to give your home a beautiful look. The foot pad has a practical design that protects the floor from scratches and dents.

Product Dimensions 35.4"D x 35.4"W x 17.9"H

Nathan James Piper Faux White Marble Round Modern Living Accent Side or Coffee, Sofa Center Table for Dining Room/Tea with Metal Frame, Black or Gold

Positive reviews: 87% Visit the NATHAN JAMES shop
From $
135-175 (approx. price)
This trendy and sleek circular white marble and black metal coffee or cocktail table will complement any living environment. A sturdy foundation with clean lines is provided by a robust metal frame joined by a cross design for a contemporary circular Coffee table.
Assembly takes around 20 minutes. While entertaining in the living area, use this functional circular coffee table to showcase attractive centerpieces and store periodicals, beverages, or snacks.

Overall dimension: 36.5"D x 36.5"W x 18"H

Safavieh Home Collection Mansel Mid-Century Light Oak Hairpin Leg Round Coffee Table

Positive reviews: 88% Visit the SAFAVIEH shop
From $
139 (approx. price)
The current rustic style of this contemporary coffee table was inspired by a top ski resort in the Italian alps. Its metallic angular base is beautifully combined with a soft round light grey top for timeless sophistication in a Cosmopolitan decor.
This coffee table, which comes in light wood and black finish, will give any space a new appearance. It's made of wood. This piece would look great in a living room, bedroom, family room, den, library, or study. Safavieh has been creating items of exceptional quality and elegance for over a century.

Overall dimension: 35.4"D x 35.4"W x 12.6"H

Christopher Knight Home CKH Small Oval Mod Rotatable Coffee Table, Black

From $
320 (approx. price)
Dimensions: 31.5"L x 23.75"W x 13"H
Solid wood construction with a rotating top. Cleaning & Maintenance: Spot or Wipe Clean
There is some minor assembly necessary (tools and instructions included)
The Lenox oval Mod Rotating wood coffee table is stylish in its modern contemporary design and adds a clear late 1960s mood to any room it is put in. This table is multifunctional and one-of-a-kind because of its spinning top. The Lenox oval Mod Rotating wood coffee table will make a statement in your decor.

Product Dimensions 23.75"D x 31.5"W x 13"H
Visit other pages with different types of coffee tables

How to Choose a Coffee Table?

Choosing the optimal size of the coffee table will help a clear definition of the scenario for its use, adjusted for the area of the bedroom. If this piece of furniture is supposed to be used only as a stand for a lamp and a mobile gadget, and the bedroom or living room is large, then you can opt for a compact side coffee table or even a bedside table.
Regardless of what functions are assigned to the bedside table, it must meet the basic requirements of ergonomics in order to be really convenient to use:
The height is the most important parameter of a side table. If it is high, it will obstruct the view of the room, and from too low a curbstone you can easily knock over a cup of coffee. The ideal option is a bedside cabinet. Firstly, this makes the bedroom symmetrical and balanced, and secondly, it is in this case that the side table will be most convenient to use.
The width is selected depending on the parameters of the sofa or bed. If we are talking about a standard double or single bed, then a bedside table with a width of 50 cm or less is perfect. Next to a huge bed, a small curbstone will look inharmonious, therefore, in these cases, models with a width of 50-100 cm are chosen;
Еhe depth is selected depending on the scenario of use, but it is advisable not to purchase models where this parameter exceeds 50 cm, as they can make it difficult to access the sleeping place. The principle of proportionality with a bed or sofa comes to the first place in the selection of the optimal parameters of the bedside table. If the latter has a massive headboard and looks solid, then the curbstones should not be light and airy.

Tips for caring for your round wood coffee table

  • Room temperature
    You should not allow temperature drops and high humidity in the room where the table is located - these factors are harmful to both wood and glass
  • Do not place the table near hot objects
    Еhe table should stand at a considerable distance from the fireplace, radiator, and other heat sources since the tree can simply dry out. Also, very hot objects should be placed on a special protective substrate to protect the countertop from damage and indelible marks.
  • Burnout and cracks
    Зrotect the table from direct UV rays, which can cause cracking of the varnish and burnout of the table top. In order to avoid chips and cracks, the glass tabletop should not come into contact with heavy and sharp objects.
  • Cleaning
    If a liquid is spilled, wipe the table immediately. When caring for wooden tables, do not use detergents for mirrors and glass, and for glass - detergents with abrasives.
    Rough rags and sponges with metal fibers can damage the worktop. When caring for the table, it is recommended to use a soft cloth moistened with a special emulsion or polish. Then wipe the worktop with a dry soft cloth.
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