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Best Side Coffee Tables for Living Room

Top-rated side coffee tables for living room under $50 and $50-$100. Round shape, farmhouse, modern and industrial styles end tables.
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End Coffee Tables

A cup of coffee, a watch, a phone, a book, glasses, cream, a photo in a frame, a glass of water, a pen and a crossword puzzle - these and other little things can be conveniently stored in the bedside table. It serves as an integral part of the bedroom, has a decorative and purely functional value. Someone needs it only in order to put a smartphone and put a cup of coffee, someone decides to store bed linen and sleepwear in it - manufacturers have created countless options for different requirements, and they differ not only in size and equipment but also in color, style and material.

How to Choose a Side Coffee Table?

Choosing the optimal size of the coffee table will help a clear definition of the scenario for its use, adjusted for the area of the bedroom. If this piece of furniture is supposed to be used only as a stand for a lamp and a mobile gadget, and the bedroom or living room is large, then you can opt for a compact side coffee table or even a bedside table.
Regardless of what functions are assigned to the bedside table, it must meet the basic requirements of ergonomics in order to be really convenient to use:
The height is the most important parameter of a side table. If it is high, it will obstruct the view of the room, and from too low a curbstone you can easily knock over a cup of coffee. The ideal option is a bedside cabinet. Firstly, this makes the bedroom symmetrical and balanced, and secondly, it is in this case that the side table will be most convenient to use.
The width is selected depending on the parameters of the sofa or bed. If we are talking about a standard double or single bed, then a bedside table with a width of 50 cm or less is perfect. Next to a huge bed, a small curbstone will look inharmonious, therefore, in these cases, models with a width of 50-100 cm are chosen;
Еhe depth is selected depending on the scenario of use, but it is advisable not to purchase models where this parameter exceeds 50 cm, as they can make it difficult to access the sleeping place. The principle of proportionality with a bed or sofa comes to the first place in the selection of the optimal parameters of the bedside table. If the latter has a massive headboard and looks solid, then the curbstones should not be light and airy.

Best 8 Side Coffee Tables for Living Room Under $50

This rating is based on feedback from real users. Price and other
details may vary based on size and color

BAMEOS Living Room, Bedroom Bamboo Side Coffee Table Console

Positive reviews: 83% Visit the Bameos Store
From $
41 (approx. price)
2-Tier End Accent Table with Storage Shelf, Modern Furniture for Living Room Bedroom Balcony Family and Office in White Color
(23.62 x 11.81 x 23.23 in)

This coffee table protects the floor from scuffs, indentations, and other potential damages by using non-mar foot slides.

FURINNO Living Room, Bedroom Turn-N-Tube Coffee Side Table (Price for 1 side table)

Positive reviews: 82% Visit the Furinno Store
From $
31 (approx. price)
Small side table for the living room with shelf in a trendy compact form, ideal for small rooms. High-quality medium-density composite wood with lamination and plastic tubes is used. An added safety element is the rounded corner, which helps to lessen the chance of harm. It fits into your space and your budget.

PRODUCT DIMENSION: 13. 4(W)x13. 4(D)x20(H) inches

DHP Rosewood Tall End Coffee Table for Living Room, Bedroom

Positive reviews: 86% Visit the DHP Store
From $
48 (approx. price)
A practical accent table with a bottom shelf that may be used to store accent pieces or other small objects. Simple structure with solid wood and wood veneers. It's light and simple to carry along. Assembly is simple and quick. Each shelf has a weight restriction of 20 pounds. Cleaning & maintenance: Wipe clean with a damp cloth.


GIANTEX Living Room, Bedroom End Coffee Table Industrial Style

Positive reviews: 82% Visit the GIANTEX Store
From $
45-55 (approx. price)
Classic Glamour: Our accent side table roe the living room has a retro charm to it, giving your space a vintage feel. This end table will be a magnificent addition to any space, whether it's in a modern workplace or a classic setting.

Product Dimensions 7"D x 19"W x 21.5"H

VASAGLE Nightstand, Side Coffee Table with Storage Shelf

Positive reviews: 92% Visit the VASAGLE Store
From $
39 (approx. price)
To create a piece of furniture that is both comfortable and stylish, combine Farmhouse and Industrial elements, as shown in this nightstand. It'll be an attractive sculpture that speaks for itself, with X-shaped frames and two tones of rustic brown and black.

Product Dimensions 15.7"L x 15.7"W x 19.7"H

BEEWOOT Living Room, Bedroom End Coffee Table, 3-Tier Side Table

Positive reviews: 91% Visit the BEEWOOT Store
From $
35 (approx. price)
This side table not only has brief elegance, but it also has the benefit of being easy to use. Do you enjoy reading books? This Coffee Table will provide you with a really natural setting. You'll be able to concentrate better on what you're doing. Before going to bed, place the books on the end table after you're done. And we'll keep going tomorrow.

Product Dimensions 15.7 "L × 15.7" W × 19.7 "H

GREENFOREST Living Room, Bedroom End Coffee Table with Storage Shelf

Positive reviews: 84% Visit the GREENFOREST Store
From $
43 (approx. price)
The rustic finish on the surface of the bedside table gives it an appealing appearance. Waterproof top surface that is very easy to clean.

Dimension: The dimension of the top surface is 17.32 x 17.32 inches and the height is 17.1 inches.

MEETWARM Folding Multifunction Side End Coffee Table for Living Room, Bedroom

Positive reviews: 86%
From $
49 (approx. price)
A 360-degree swivel top makes it simple to choose the best comfortable position for you. The foldable design with a folding hinge allows the top to be folded up when not in use to conserve space and fulfill your needs.

Overall dimension: 22.4" x 14.6" x 23.6" (L x W x H)

Best 8 Side Coffee Tables for Living Room $50 - $100

This rating is based on feedback from real users. Price and other
details may vary based on size and color

Convenience Concepts Oxford Living Room, Bedroom End Coffee Table

From $
85 (approx. price)
Available in Multiple Finishes. Top/Middle/Bottom Shelf for Additional Storage. Transitional Style that Complements any Decor. Easy Assembly.

Overall dimension: 15.75 (L) x 15.75 (W) x 24 (H) inches x Weight: 18 lbs.

IRONCK Industrial Small Side End Living Room, Bedroom Table

Positive reviews: 93% Visit the IRONCK store
From $
65 (approx. price)
Elegant and modern design with a basic construction for a pleasing appearance and feel; For a cohesive aesthetic, add the whole IRONCK line to your space (each sold separately).

Overall dimension: 15.74"D x 19.68"W x 22.83"H

VECELO Side Coffee Table with Storage Space and Door. Rustic Brown

Positive reviews: 88% Visit the VECELO store
From $
69 (approx. price)
Flexible side table for living room with two flip drawers and a smooth, appealing rustic brown surface that provides a more pleasant working experience. Two drawers give ample storage.

Overall dimension: 13.8"D x 15.7"W x 23.8"H

Various of finishes of this popular side coffee table

HARMATI Round Side Table with Storage - Black End Table for Living Room

Positive reviews: 93% Visit the HARMATI store
From $
69 (approx. price)
Modern boho style: The Atelier circular side table for the living room brings nature indoors by combining bohemian and modern features with a natural feel. The teal/black/walnut blended tones and light rattan provide depth to this one-of-a-kind decorative table.

Overall dimension: 15"D x 15"W x 19.7"H

HOOBRO Side Table, Chairside Coffee Table with 2 Drawer and Open Storage Shelf

Positive reviews: 88% Visit the HOOBRO store
From $
79 (approx. price)
Attractive Appearance: This retro yet stylish wooden board in greige gives your home a totally new, fresh feel. We've created a new industrial design end table for you by combining the white marble top with the black metal frame.

Overall dimension: 11.8"D x 23.6"W x 24"H

RUBOKA 3-Tier Small End Tables For Living Room and Bedroom

Positive reviews: 95% Visit the RUBOKA store
From $
54 (approx. price)
It's a side coffee table with three storage compartments that's perfect for storing your books, photographs, or decorative items. Simple, attractive, and useful design that fits in every area and adds nattiness to your house.

Overall dimension: H10.8"D x 16.1"W x 25.1"H

WALKER EDISON Industrial Modern Metal Frame Wood Side Tables for Living Room

Positive reviews: 96% Visit the WALKER EDISON store
From $
84 (approx. price)
Black painted metal frame and laminate shelving for long-lasting construction. Pair with a matching coffee table for a complete living room set. Supports up to 50 lbs.

Overall dimension: 20"D x 15.75"W x 24"H

GreenForest End Table Industrial Design with Storage Shelf for Living Room

Positive reviews: 93% Visit the GREENFOREST store
From $
59 (approx. price)
Rectangular top and metal legs with an X frame make this a sturdy side table. It has a waterproof feature and is simple to clean. Rustic End Table: This end table has an industrial appearance and is made of solid materials. It will look great in your living area. Lightweight and portable for a variety of applications.

Overall dimension: 23.62"D x 23.62"W x 23.43"H

Walker Edison Side Coffee Tables for Living Room.
Round Shape

Simply said, we sell furniture, but our goal is to create inspiring settings. Every environment, whether it's for home, business, or leisure, should represent you and provide you joy, according to us. We know all there is to know about furniture. Our brand and designs represent our desire to break away from the standard mold and help our customers. WALKER EDISON

Walker Edison Side Coffee Tables for Living Room.
Farmhouse Style


Walker Edison Side Coffee Tables for Living Room.
Modern Style

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Tips for caring for your side coffee table

  • Room temperature
    You should not allow temperature drops and high humidity in the room where the table is located - these factors are harmful to both wood and glass
  • Do not place the table near hot objects
    Еhe table should stand at a considerable distance from the fireplace, radiator, and other heat sources since the tree can simply dry out. Also, very hot objects should be placed on a special protective substrate to protect the countertop from damage and indelible marks.
  • Burnout and cracks
    Зrotect the table from direct UV rays, which can cause cracking of the varnish and burnout of the table top. In order to avoid chips and cracks, the glass tabletop should not come into contact with heavy and sharp objects.
  • Cleaning
    If a liquid is spilled, wipe the table immediately. When caring for wooden tables, do not use detergents for mirrors and glass, and for glass - detergents with abrasives.
    Rough rags and sponges with metal fibers can damage the worktop. When caring for the table, it is recommended to use a soft cloth moistened with a special emulsion or polish. Then wipe the worktop with a dry soft cloth.
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