What is Macchiato Coffee Drink?

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What is a Macchiato

A coffee drink made from espresso and milk. Traditionally made with one serving of espresso (30 ml) and about 50 ml of frothed milk.
It is believed that men will prefer a stronger version called the Italian macchiato. It is based on doppio, a double shot of espresso. In Australia, the popular macchiato is the espresso and frothed milk in equal proportions of 30 ml / 30 ml. It is called macchiato piccolo latte - small milk with a speck.
What is a macchiato ?

Macchiato history

Macchiato coffee came into fashion in the 30s of the XX century. In Italy, espresso has just become popular, which it was customary to drink at lunchtime (in the morning, Italians love cappuccino). But many coffee shop customers ordered espresso with milk froth for lunch.
However, depending on the proportions and how the ingredients are mixed, you can make cappuccino or latte from espresso and milk. So that visitors do not have to explain for a long time exactly how much milk to add to coffee, the baristas came up with the name "macchiato" (macchiato means "spotted" in Italian). A white speck of milk froth is clearly visible on the golden espresso crema.

The problem is that latte macchiato is no less popular, which is prepared in a completely different way from the classic Italian macchiato. The international coffee chain Starbuks, which has been serving a drink called caramel macchiato since the late 90s, has contributed to the confusion. It is a milkshake with a method of preparation reminiscent of a latte macchiato.
As a result, half of the coffe macchiato recipes listed on the Internet are actually latte macchiato recipes. If you want to order a real Macchiato, you need to take into account that only in Italy the barista will understand exactly what the client wants. In all other countries, it is better to clarify by ordering an espresso macchiato. Otherwise, chances are high for a latte macchiato or caramel macchiato.

Difference Between Latte and Macchiato

Despite the confusion in the names, Macchiato can be easily distinguished from cappuccino and latte macchiato:
  • Amount of milk
    Macchiato contains much less milk than other milk-based coffee drinks. Thus, Macchiato has a more intense coffee flavor. In addition, macchiato over espresso adds whipped milk, for cappuccino and latte coffee is added to the top of the whipped milk.
  • Type of coffee
    As a coffee base for cappuccino, latte and latte macchiato, not only espresso is used, but also any other black coffee (brewed in a AeroPress, Turk, French press, purover). Macchiato is made with espresso only.
  • Coffee drink serving
    Cappuccino, latte and latte macchiato are served in tall glass goblets or in large ceramic cups. Macchiato is served in regular ceramic espresso cups, or in small disposable cups for take-away.
Macchiato vs Latte infographics

Macchiato vs Latte

The standard Italian macchiato, made with double espresso and frothed milk froth, is quite strong. Usually it is in demand among the male half of the population.
Each coffee bartender has his own secrets of making this drink, which makes it absolutely unique.
The standard Italian Macchiato, made with double espresso and frothed milk froth, is quite strong. Usually it is in demand among the male half of the population.
Each coffee bartender has his own secrets of making this drink, which makes it absolutely unique.

Macchiato vs Americano

Here are the main differences between the two drinks
  • Milk content
    Macchiano is a strong drink, but still, to some extent, it can be called milk because milk froth is added to it, although very little. Americano has no milk in any form.
  • Serving size
    Americano, like macchiato, is made from espresso, but then hot water is added to it. The amount of water is added to taste, the ratio of espresso to water can be 1: 3 or much more. Therefore, by volume, a portion of Americano is much larger than Espresso.
  • Strength of the drink
    Macchiato tastes much stronger than Americano because it is much more concentrated and undiluted.

Composition and Proportions of Coffee Macchiato

For macchiato, it is important that the espresso has a fluffy froth. It is obtained if coffee is made from a mixture of Arabica with 10-15% robusta. There should be no more robusta in the blend, otherwise the coffee will be too bitter. Those who do not like excessive strength and bitterness in a drink should choose a mixture of different varieties of 100% Arabica.
The given numbers and proportions are arbitrary: every good barista has his own recipe, which can differ significantly from the classic one. In the USA, skim milk is often used, other baristas, on the contrary, prefer 11% cream, there is also a half'n'half option - a mixture of cream and milk.
What is a macchiato

How to Make a Caffe Macchiato, Video

Thanks to the HowcastFoodDrink for this video. In this video, Mike shows you how to prepare classic macchiato.
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How to Make a Caffe Macchiato | Perfect Coffee
My name is Mike Jones, and I'm a barista right next to Washington Square Park in New York City, at Third Rail Coffee.
I will show you some basic coffee-making abilities.
All right, now I'm going to teach you how to make a Macchiato. It's one of my favorite espresso drinks. What it's all about is just an espresso shot with a little bit of foam on top. It means marked in Italian macchiato, so it's actually only marked with a dollop of foam. However, people have used a little more milk in North America and other growing coffee practices, such as one to two ounces instead of just the usual dollop on top. So I'm going to show you something halfway in between, which is how I like it just an espresso shot and then maybe an ounce of foamy milk. So I'm going to start with the shot being pulled, the milk being steamed, and then pouring.

Okay, well we've got our good foamy milk and a shot of espresso, so now that it's a small drink, what I like to do is just stir a little bit of the shot. This way, it combines all the flavors in it and you do not get a sour first impression when you take your first drink. This is just kind of my own preference for a Macchiato, several individuals won't do it but if you're having a bitter ring right around the first drink, I certainly suggest trying it out. So then we're going to get our foamy milk, and then you're just going to pour it in and it's going to be an ounce and a half. Okay, and that's a macchiato!

How to make a Macchiato step by step

Grind the coffee beans
Macchiato is manufactured with espresso. Grind the beans until finely ground.
Coffee beans that are finely ground are around the size of salt grains. This is the perfect size to make espresso.
If you don't have a grinder, you can also purchase pre-ground espresso beans from grocery stores and coffee shops.
Coffee preparation
Fill the portafilter evenly with freshly ground coffee and tamp it down with the tamper. Prepare an espresso in the coffee machine. If you don't have an espresso machine, try using a French press, AeroPress, Moka pot or another method of brewing coffee. The main thing is that you have to get a strong enough coffee.
Steam the milk
Pour cold milk into a metal pitcher. Hold at a 45 degree angle to the steam wand. Turn on the steam, immerse the tube in the milk and, in a circular motion, wait until the milk expands and becomes hot. You can get milk froth using an alternative method. Heat the milk to 65 degrees and pour into a French
Add milk froth
Pour the steamed milk into the espresso. You can add some sugar or syrup to taste. Serve the drink right away.
You can get milk froth using an alternative method. Heat the milk to 65 degrees and pour into a French press. You can easily and quickly create a thick milk froth by whipping the milk with a filter for 30-45 seconds.
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How to serve and drink an espresso Macchiato

Macchiato coffee is served in small ceramic espresso cups; small paper cups are used to take away. A teaspoon and a sugar bowl are served with coffee, but the taste of the drink is so delicate that sugar is usually not added. Macchiato coffee goes well with chocolate and cheese, fruits and berries.

How to Make a Caramel Macchiato

Why not brew Macchiato according to your own recipe? You can use Flavor Shots to create your own unique flavor. Flavor shots are flavored and sweet syrups that are added to coffee, tea and other drinks. Popular flavor shots that can be added to macchiato are vanilla, caramel and chocolate.

How to make your unique macchiato in three easy steps

Add flavor shot
Before pouring into a cup of espresso, first add one tablespoon (15 ml) of syrup. Remember that the macchiano cup should not be cold, otherwise the drink will cool down quickly, just rinse the mug with hot water.
Pour espresso
Pour the finished espresso on top of the syrup. (You can also try to change the sequence of your choice, first pour the espresso, then add the syrup and stir a little.)
Frothed milk on top
Do not mix the finished drink if you want the taste of your new macchiato to change gradually. But if you want to feel the taste of a new recipe right away, then it is better to gently mix all three components of your drink.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Macchiato

Are Macchiato Sweet?

Since macchiato is originally made from espresso, for some coffee lovers this drink will seem a little bitter.

After adding milk froth to the espresso, the flavor becomes a little softer. If the macchiato is too bitter for you, add half a teaspoon of sugar and stir. you can also try adding syrup instead of sugar.
Frequently Asked Questions about Macchiato

Which is Stronger Macchiato or Latte?

If we compare which of the two drinks is stronger, it turns out that both of them are made from the same portion of espresso.

But they will taste completely different. Macchiato is more of a coffee drink, latte is more milky. This is easily explained since the milk content in latte is 2-3 times higher, therefore latte is a more delicate drink which women prefer, men drink more macchiato, espresso or flat white. But of course everyone has their own taste and preferences.
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