How to Use Flavored Syrups for Coffee?

How to use and in what proportions flavored coffee syrups. The best selling syrups on Amazon.

How to Use Flavored Syrups for Coffee?

How to use and in what proportions flavored coffee syrups. The best-selling syrups on Amazon.
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Syrup Flavors for Coffee

Syrup is a concentrated solution based on water and sugar with the addition of fruit juices, nuts, spices, etc. In the twentieth century, baristas in coffee houses in Europe and America began to actively use this ingredient as a sweetener to reduce the bitterness of coffee, reduce acidity and, of course, experiment with tastes.

At first, syrup was added only to coffee and milk drinks: latte, cappuccino, coffee with ice cream. But later they noticed that the aromatic syrup also perfectly reveals new facets of the taste of the perfect black espresso.

Flavors of Syrup
You Can Use for Coffee

The range of flavors of toppings and syrups is about the same. A large selection of syrup flavors opens up great opportunities for experimentation in search of your favorite recipe: from coffee with caramel to complemented by bright nutty or spicy notes.
Easier to navigate in such a variety helps the classification of syrups.

Fruit and berry flavors:
Orange, melon, cherry, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, banana, etc.
Hazelnut, almond, coconut, etc.
Vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, menthol, etc.
Caramel, black and white chocolate, bubble gum, etc.

How to Choose Syrup and in What Proportions to Add?

The taste of coffee is very rich and can be revealed in completely different shades depending on the degree of grinding and roasting of the beans, as well as the method and time of preparation of the drink. Therefore, it is not enough just to choose any syrup you like. It is important that the additive and coffee aromas blend well with each other.
Experienced baristas advise focusing on the strength and type of drink when choosing a syrup. Here are some general guidelines:
Weak coffee, coffee with milk.
You can add caramel or vanilla syrup to a light drink. Weak coffee is also diluted with berry syrups: raspberry, strawberry and all kinds of berry mixes. For sophisticated connoisseurs, pomegranate syrup is suggested. By and large, almost any syrup is added to light coffee. But the caramel syrup for coffee makes the drink fresher and more elegant.
If you decide to add berry notes to your coffee, then in no case order a strong coffee drink, since fruit and berry syrups do not go well with it.
Turkish coffee and espresso.
A drop of almond or chocolate syrup is added to Turkish coffee and everyone's favorite espresso. By the way, these syrups can be added to any type of coffee.
Strong coffee.
Caramel or vanilla syrup. In addition, vanilla flavor reduces acidity and bitterness. And caramel goes well with milk and cream, so this syrup is often added to latte or cappuccino.
100% Arabica Coffee
Pure Arabica coffee has some sourness in its excellent taste. It is best to add syrups to this variety, which make this sourness more noticeable. In this case, amaretto syrup or Irish cream is perfect. If you want to set off the sourness, then a couple of drops of chocolate or vanilla syrup will definitely not hurt. And nutty coffee syrup will add spice to this hot drink.

If the coffee is characterized by bitterness, then the syrup with the aroma of almonds or cinnamon will give a unique taste to the drink. Lime or lemon syrup is also great for bitter coffee. Classic bitter coffee can be diluted with the same classic amaretto syrup.

How much syrup add to coffee?

When adding syrup, it is better to skip sugar. And if you prefer a sweeter coffee, increase the syrup.
The following proportions are considered optimal:

For a serving of espresso - a teaspoon, or 5 ml of syrup.
For Americano - 10 ml.
For cappuccino - 15 ml.
For latte - 20 ml.
For coffee cocktails from 350 ml - from 20 ml.

Famous Brands of Coffee Syrups

Best selling top rated syrups for coffee

Is There a Syrup That Tastes Like Coffee?

Looking for a pick-me-up in your morning latte? Look no further than our coffee flavored syrups from Torani and Autocrat. At first glance, you may think "isn't that just instant coffee?" But trust us, these syrups take your regular cup of joe to the next level. Made with rich, aromatic coffee extracts, a few pumps of this syrup will have you feeling like you're sipping on a gourmet drink from your favorite cafe. So give it a try - we guarantee you won't be able to taste the difference. Whether you prefer Torani or Autocrat (or why not try them both!), these syrups are sure to satisfy all your coffee cravings. Ready, set, pump!

Gold Coffee Syrup Pump

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Dispenses 1/4 ounce of syrup with each pump.
Reusable & easy to clean.
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Answers on Questions About Syrups for Coffee

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