Best coffee for French press

French press coffee is a great option for those who don't have a coffee machine or just want some variety. The standard preparation method is 15 grams of
coffee in 250 ml of water. Brewing time - 4 minutes (although some people prefer to insist longer) Making coffee with a French press is easy!
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There are several ways to brew coffee today, but the french press method for making an invigorating cup is still a favorite in many families. Most will say that you can't get the best flavor from the beans with this brew.

Every home barista knows that many factors influence the final taste. The most important aspects are grain selection and grinding. Grinding is of utmost importance to maximize the benefit.

We will help you achieve excellence in the achievements of a home barista and we will select the right ground coffee for you. But before we get down to the details, let's explain why the choice of coffee is so important.

Coffee beans and grinding

People who use a French press on a regular basis will automatically take out a pack of ground coffee.
Don't get us wrong, such a product can also be great quality and taste great. If you want the maximum taste and enjoy the finest notes of your favorite drink, you need to grind the beans yourself.

This method uses medium to coarse grinding. This is because the aroma extraction process requires maximum water surface area to be fully effective. This promotes better release of carbon dioxide from the coffee grounds during brewing, which improves the taste.

Coarse grains are suitable for
this method for several reasons:

Fine grind tends to seep through the mesh filters, leaving marks in the cup.
Coarse grinding gives a much brighter, cleaner flavor.
To achieve the best taste, you need to go through all the stages of preparation yourself. This also applies to the grinding of grains. Another option is to buy beans from a good local coffee shop and have them grind there. Most industrial coffee grinders found in coffee shops have a small button that shows a French press. When pressed, it will provide exactly the coarse grin ding you need.
Grinding at home means you'll always have a super fresh daily morning cup of invigorating drink. It's fine! In theory, any grain can be used. However, most baristas prefer a medium to dark roast. It retains most of the oils that provide the best taste and aroma.
But for those who do not have nearby coffee shops where you can buy and grind coffee, as well as if you do not have a coffee grinder, we have compiled a list of the best ground coffee that you can use for your french press.

Ground coffee for French presses

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Which Coffee Is Best For French coffee maker?

We suggest you start with medium and medium-dark roasts, this kind of coffee is the best for French press brewing. Without being bitter, they have more oil on the bean surface and a more robust taste.

They are some of the finest roasting choices in the French press and will taste fantastic regardless of whether you prefer black coffee or add milk to your brew.

Our best advice for finding good coffee for brewing French press is to play with various coffee roast types to make your perfect French Press brew.

Try coffee brands of single origin from various countries, play with different medium roasts, also try a dark roast to compare the taste.

In order to quickly compare and find the best form of coffee for French press brewing, flavor comparisons are often made between a variety of different roasts at the same time.

The most common mistakes brewing
coffee with French press coffee maker:

In order not to make you worry, we will tell you how to avoid common mistakes when using a French press. Don't worry, everyone has it!
Using an insufficient amount of ground coffee
One of the attractive aspects of using a French press is the ability to make exactly the drink you want. The amount of coffee and the brewing time are determined independently.

The most common mistake newbies make is the wrong balance. If you take too much coffee, the drink will be so strong that you will be nervous all night. And if it's too low, you'll cook for an hour or more, and you'll end up with a watery liquid that looks more like ... well, not at all what you expected!

Brewing coffee at french press
Long brewing
This is one of the most common mistakes home baristas face when using a French press for the first time.
If you leave coffee in this device for a long time, it will continue to brew there, literally "stew". The result is a bitter drink, the taste of which, to put it mildly, is not very pleasant.
When the strong drink is finished brewing, pour it into a thermos or jug. Better yet, drink it while it's fresh!
Heat the mug before filling to keep it warm. Make sure you have a decent set of coffee cups that hold heat well.
Poor grinding quality
As we already mentioned, a French press needs a medium or coarse grind product. If it is too small, it will seep through the filter directly into the cup.
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