What is Iced Flat White?

This coffee drink was invented in Australia, and literally, its name translates as "flat white". It consists of 60 ml of doppio (double espresso) and 110-120 ml of whipped milk. By volume, it is close to a cappuccino but tastes stronger and richer.

Unlike classic Flat White, a few cubes of ice are added at the beginning of the preparation.
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Flat white was at first a favorite drink of hipsters. Now you can find it in almost any coffee shop. It is suitable for those who don't like black coffee but want something stronger and more invigorating than lattes and cappuccinos. Flat White is commonly served with latte art - fancy patterns on the foam.
Iced Flat White

Iced Flat White classic recipe

You can brew a delicious and rich espresso at home with the De'Longhi Stilosa espresso machine. This is one of the best home models under $100 from De'Longhi. If you don't have an espresso machine you can use the Moka Pot or AeroPress
  • 1
    Put 3 ice cubes in a glass
  • 2
    Prepare a 2oz/60ml double espresso, add a teaspoon of sugar, stir and top with ice
  • 3
    Prepare 4oz/110 ml cold frothed milk and pour into an espresso glass

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Moka Pot and AeroPress for strong coffee and milk frother for cold milk froth. These devices will help you prepare the perfect Iced Flat White.
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Iced Flat White NESPRESSO recipe

For our Iced Flat White, with the creamy and cold milk froth, we can use capsules specially designed for ice consumption to develop a bold coffee flavor recipe. Below you can find two recipes from NESPRESSO (Original and Vertuo) also recommended ingredients and materials.
- Arpeggio: 1 capsule (25ml)
- Ice Cubes: 4 (120g)
- Milk: 120ml
- Monin CARAMEL syrup: 10ml (Optional)
- Double Espresso Scuro: 1 capsule (80ml)
- Ice Cubes: 4 (120g)
- Milk: 90ml
- Monin CARAMEL syrup: 10ml (Optional)

  • 1
    Add the ice cubes to the glass
  • 2
    Froth your milk using the cold frothed milk setting on your Aeroccino or Barista Machine and add it to the glass
  • 3
    Brew the Coffee on top
  • 4
    Optional: Add caramel syrup
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NESPRESSO capsules and syrup for Iced Flat White recipes

Whether you're a coffee lover or not, there's no denying the popularity of iced coffee drinks lately. And if you're looking for an icy cold Flat White to sip on, NESPRESSO has the perfect solution! So get ready to cool down with a caffeinated drink that's sure to please. Enjoy!
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